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  Girl has a fast and hard rebound after a player
Posted by: BlueBike - Yesterday, 03:15 PM - Forum: Player Q and A - No Replies

I see a trend around here, that if a girl breaks up with a player, usually she gets married really fast. Why does this happen?

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Posted by: soup - Yesterday, 12:50 AM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Hey guys, I want to apologize for the recent events in the fight ring. I misunderstood something McQueen had mentioned to me about moderating. I say sorry to Burke especially for that. I think there was a miscommunication because I was just joking around about Scarlet Johanssen.

I also want to say sorry if I've been bumming you guys out with my posts, vibe, vegetarianism, not using my fridge a lot, not being a Trump fanboy, atheism, etc. I didn't realize that stuff would be taken as such a great personal offense to many members of this forum.

I know that there has been a big group of guys on here who don't like me, and to all of you I say that it's not my intention to make your experience here a bad one. I figured the forum would be big enough to handle having a lot of different peronalities. Like if someone didn't like something I wrote they could just ignore it or me if they want.

In general, I suck at the fighting ring. I never make any personal attacks on here against anyone. Sure, I bust balls sometimes, but it's always as a joke. As far as the ring goes- if two guys get into a fight at a bar, they have to both agree to take it outside. I'm never the one to do that, but I get dragged into the ring against my will here. The effect is that I feel some censorship and lack of control of what I want to express on this forum. The truth is that if this were another forum, any attacks on the moderators would result in an instant ban. We've been extremely easy going with modding here, so none of you should feel threatened at all.

If someone disagrees with me, they can do it civilly and put up a counter argument to what I'm saying without trying to silence me by dragging me to the ring.

Also, even though it seems like a lot of you might hate me, I respect the positive things that everyone brings to the forum. I agree with what Devon said about having a turf war on an internet forum- it's just a digital place where we can share ideas. It's not a zero-sum situation where me saying something you don't agree with takes away from you in any way.

We've had a good run these last few years. We're a minority group of guys when compared to the rest of the world. Let's not let petty differences burn this thing down.

Again, sorry if you feel like I'm a fuckhead. I put myself out there a lot, and it doesn't always rub people the right way. I've never made it my priority in life to make everyone happy.

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Video Viral Video of Young Couple's Relationship : Analysis ?
Posted by: Alexander The Great - Yesterday, 12:12 AM - Forum: Game - Replies (3)

I came across this video showcasing a couple and its relationship issues featuring repeated infidelity by the man in the video. The video was obviously created to manshame and to promote a certain agenda. Normally I wouldn't watch these type of things but it  was quite entertaining to me , because I could see the underlying dynamics of the relationship through the lens of a guy who has a decent degree of game. Some interesting things I noted 

- The girl in the video is Deep Converted without a doubt. 

- Because the girl is deep converted she STAYS in the relationship even AFTER she SEE FOR HERSELF
the texts and nude photos from other girls , she even went over one day and there was another girl there 
and he told her to leave and she did . 

- the guy's responses to the above scenarios was he DENIED DENIED DENIED her accusations. and when he asked her 
in the video , if she knew he was cheated why did she stay ? Her response was "I dunno , I guess i was stupid"
I think what really happened is because he denied , she was able to rationalize his indiscretions because she was deep converted.

- She mentions in the video " I couldn't see my life without you " even though he was cheating. 

- In the video it mentions at the end how they still talk. Despite the huge pressure this girl has been getting from thousands of people on twitter because of the video they still talk. This guy must have some serious pipe game lol

As to why and how she got converted ? I cant say for sure because the video doesn't go that deep so i am going to make the following points based only on the things i can gather on the surface. 

- The guy is not great looking , but good looking enough in relation to the chick. 
- The guy is a college student and not rich yet either.
- The girl seems like she comes from a decent home. 
- The guy I'd bet is very popular on campus , which in college , is pretty much the only thing he needs despite his other qualities . 
- He's a light skinned black guy. I hate to bring race into it but there is definitely a added thing there . As a fellow Light Skinned black guy I can say from first hand experience that we have this thing that makes black chicks who are darker than us,  prize us , like thugs in the hood treasure fat white chicks . Yes it is that strong. haha 

But with the above points I am going to bet he probably ran some good broke guy game on her, along with time spent , and the experience that she got from being a popular guys GF on college campus , which lead to her being deep converted.  That being said I don't think the guy has great game or even a strong frame in particular because of his reactions , body language , and the way he crumples of the pressure of the camera. Probably some of that new age beta-ish Drake game that seems to be effective these days but personally not my style.  

The video is only 4 min long and you can check it out here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjLR8293jnY if it doesn't come up in youtube then google the hashtag #hurtbae it'll come up for sure. 

I would love to hear your guys thoughts and it opinions on this.

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  And she said this:
Posted by: Christian McQueen - 02-18-2017, 06:33 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

"Starting an online business was something I really wanted to do...
Not being familiar with how to go about it, I started doing a lot of research and reading articles on how to build a site, hosting, etc. I realized it was A LOT more complicated than I imagined.  Not to mention, when I looked into hiring someone to do all the work for me, I quickly realized it would cost me THOUSANDS. I came across this course and after reading the overview, I realized it covered a lot of what I needed so I made the investment which was a bargain compared to the quotes I was getting.  This has honestly been one of the smartest purchases I've ever made.  The amount of information I gained is invaluable.  I will admit it did take work, but the instructions are extremely easy to follow and I am more knowledgeable about what goes into building an online business then ever before.  Had I not purchased this course, I would probably still be reading articles on how to even start or overpaying someone to do what I could've done myself.  Thank you for providing detailed information that has helped myself and will continue to help others who are starting from scratch."

And that's Bree from Michigan, but what about everyone else?

I'll tell you what the reviews have been so far on Your Profitable Biz Blueprint,
but just a quick headsup that the price is INCREASING in less than 24 hours (officially tomorrow, Sunday at noon)
for Your Profitable Biz Blueprint.

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So here's some more people who are loving the program already...

Jared from IL had this to say: "Man, you really have put a ton of time into this and it shows! I've learned more in the first 2 video lessons than I've learned studying internet marketing the last 2 years. You rock and thank you!"

And Chase from Tenessee said this: "Outstanding job Christian. You've put your heart and soul into this information and it's excellent. I finally have a framework, or as you say, a blueprint, for putting my business together and I've already made a good amount of progress in two days because of you and your program. Thank you."

And Nathanial from Europe said this: "This is no joke lol! I thought it might have been hype, but it's not. Your course is the shit and I'm happy I got in when I could. Thanks for putting this together and next time you're in Europe hit me up for free drinks!"

And that's just a few of the happy customer emails that have been POURING in...

But find out for yourself: price increases in about 19 hours and it'll never go down, never go on sale,
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  Getting rid of self doubt
Posted by: Haytham - 02-18-2017, 03:57 PM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

Familia, how do you handle insecurity of the identity kind? let me explain: I'm about 26 and in third year of college. And while I've gotten laid a bunch, the fact that I'm older and the fact that classes are harder for me then for most makes me extremely insecure. It's really fucking stupid as well, since I

a) get laid, have a part time gig on the side so I have paper in my pocket, and dress well
b) go to the gym, am above average in looks, as well as speaking perfect english (I live in a non english speaking 3rd world tier country)

The fact that I'll be graduating near 30 with a business and finance degree from a mid tier school just fucks me up in the head. It's stupid I know, but how do I get rid of the looming insecurity? when I see guys with great jobs and a career at my age, when I'm still working part time gigs and going to school like a kid, it makes me feel shitty, also due to the fact that I don't have the best grades.

I started college later because I studied a worthless degree before and decided to work saving up some money and study before school. Anybody have some sort of mental roadblock that doesn't let you enjoy life??

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Brick Changing of The Guard: JBell22 and Hans Dix
Posted by: Christian McQueen - 02-17-2017, 09:33 PM - Forum: General - Replies (10)

After much thought and consideration the following changes are in effect as of today, February 17th, in the year of our Lord, 2017, by Executive Order.

JBell22 has been promoted from Super Moderator to the highest position: Administrator, thus his name is in green.

Hans Dix has been promoted from a highly respected and repped member to Super Moderator, thus his name is in pink.

Welcome to the CMQ Cabinet gentlemen.

You've both proven yourselves multiple times to be more than capable leaders and I know you'll do a great job.

Now, let's get the weekend started!

[Image: trump-executive-order-meme-2.gif]

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Star RE-MATCH!!!! Hans 'The Chad Thundercock American' vs Devon 'The CanuCock' Canadian!!!
Posted by: Christian McQueen - 02-17-2017, 07:05 PM - Forum: Official Dueling Thread Between Members Virtual Fighting Ring - Replies (66)

Welp, what an eventful day here on PPF...

Hans 'The Chad Thundercock American' vs Devon 'The CanuCock' Canadian is happening AGAIN.

Devon has thrown the glove and if Hans accepts, the fight shall start!

Hans, do you accept the challenge?

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Tongue Burke "Da Beast" vs. Soup "Da Hipster"!
Posted by: Christian McQueen - 02-17-2017, 05:09 PM - Forum: Official Dueling Thread Between Members Virtual Fighting Ring - Replies (43)

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another classic Free-per-View PPF Fight

Hailing in from across the pond, Burke "Da Beast" with his FIRST fight!

And Soup "Da Hipster" in yet again another fight!

One round for 15 minutes.

Loser is banned for 2 days. No exceptions.

Lessssss goooooooo!

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Exclamation For those who prefer to read (and are having button issues)...
Posted by: Christian McQueen - 02-16-2017, 09:34 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

I've gotten a few emails/PMs about the button never appearing below the video, but it's
probably because you're watching on mobiles.

Also, the button doesn't appear until the MIDDLE of the video, however, there's also a
physical 'long-copy' style sales page which you can get all the details on
Your Profitable Biz Blueprint Program and the buttons are up...

It lists all the lessons, bonuses and FAQ...

Click here=====> Join Your Profitable Biz Blueprint

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Smile Spot the Game
Posted by: soup - 02-16-2017, 03:30 PM - Forum: Game - No Replies

This is a thread where we can analyze and find the game in movie, TV, stories, and other media examples. Here's one to start. Can you spot any game in this? 

Thread is sort of inspired by this old PUA breakdown of a Robbie Williams performance:

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