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  Red Supplements: Anyone Use Them?
Posted by: Christian McQueen - Today, 01:24 AM - Forum: Weight Lifting & Fitness - Replies (5)

Checking out Red Supplements, specifically the fat burner and T.

Anyone here use this brand and if you did, how was it?

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Music Episode #76: The 4-Step Plan To Saying “Fuck-Off” To Your 9-5
Posted by: Christian McQueen - Yesterday, 08:23 PM - Forum: A Man In Demand Radio Podcast - Replies (2)

[Image: Ep76_Artwork.png]

In Episode 76 of A Man In Demand Radio I share a proven 4-step plan to get you free from your 9-5 and creating your own business.

This advice isn’t for the lazy, unmotivated, or get-rich-quick seekers, however…

If you’re interested in breaking free from the chains of corporate ‘slavery’ and want to build your business, then this episode is for you.

Show Notes

-The #1 thing you MUST do before even considering leaving your job
-What most people fail to do and why they crash and burn within 3 months of leaving their 9-5
-The easiest way for you to build a business (and you can even do it at your job!)
-The really simple thing you can do TODAY that will free up money for you to get free
-Why you shouldn’t quit your 9-5…yet
-And much, much more!

Not A Member? Go here to sign-up, just a measly 23 cents per day plus, you can cancel at anytime, no contracts and zero commitments.

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Episode #76: The 4-Step Plan To Saying “Fuck-Off” To Your 9-5

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  Re: Danny Devito
Posted by: WestIndianArchie - Yesterday, 01:08 PM - Forum: Game - Replies (31)

1) could he pull a hotter girl than you right now?

2) could a guy with the same personality and looks, but not the fame and money pull better than you right now?


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  Baiting shit tests
Posted by: Patagonia - 03-28-2017, 01:46 PM - Forum: Game - Replies (1)

Does anyone else bait shit tests to ramp up emotion? Basically setting up a moment in a conversation where you know the woman can't resist tossing out a little test at you, one that you know is coming, and when it does you hit it out of the park.

I didn't realize I was doing it until I read one of WIA's posts where he mentioned it. I've been using this with great success in conversation. I often bring up similar topics with women in conversation, and I often get similar responses. I happen to use a lot of humour (because I enjoy it) but the main point is to get an emotional response from a girl keep to it going. Why not provoke a couple shit tests that will quickly spark more attraction? 

I would bet alot of you do this without realizing, Goldmund does this extremely well with his artsy/hipster girls.

Here is a quote from WIA's site http://www.westindianarchie.com/page/2/  'The Set Back'. The full post hits on a bigger topic and worth a read.

When you’re out at the spot though, when you meet these “higher end” girls, take them off the pedestal, – they just end up being the same ball of insecurities as a chick that’s not so much in the public eye.   It’s cliche only because it’s true.
With this overall setback in game technology, I wonder

  • How long it will take this generation to want to bait shit tests so that they can ramp up attraction?

  • In days when clubs are dying, will merge sets ever become important?
To be fair, a lot of PUA’s were selling sex to women when Pimps and Player’s sold dreams instead. I’m not sure what these modern alphas are really trying to actively sell.  It’s all passive sell.

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  Has anyone here done cold-emailing?
Posted by: diece - 03-27-2017, 02:50 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

For those Business savvy cats, have you ever done cold-emailing to generate clients? How did you approach it?

For those looking to cold-email I highly suggest going to limeleads.com and buying a batch of leads. You can sort by job title, company revenue, industry and even employee count.

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  Player Olympics
Posted by: soup - 03-25-2017, 03:06 AM - Forum: Game - Replies (15)

Post ideas for an Olympics based on the game.

Here's one to kick it off:

1) Being able to pour a glass of water in the dark without overflowing or spilling.

1.a) Being able to refill the glass while in bed without getting out of bed.

1.b) Able to drink glass of water while lying down on your back with a sleeping chick next to you without waking her up.

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Information The Best Logo Thread
Posted by: BlueBike - 03-25-2017, 01:23 AM - Forum: General - Replies (7)

So I recently started a security camera website, where I will be selling things of that nature. I am deciding on a logo. Which logo do you guys think best fits the name "surveillance management"? (Just say the number)
[Image: logo26.png][Image: logo8.png][Image: logo5.png][Image: logo2.png][Image: logo44.png][Image: logo43.png]

Thanks Gents. (Logos courtesy of logodust.com)

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Music Episode #75: How To Be A Writer Who Actually Makes Money
Posted by: Christian McQueen - 03-22-2017, 06:14 PM - Forum: A Man In Demand Radio Podcast - Replies (2)

[Image: Ep75art.png]

In Episode #75 of A Man In Demand Radio, I share my top tips for writing and how to actually make money doing it.

Fact is, most writers make jack shit.

They write for themselves, forgetting that the only thing that matters is the audience.

If you've ever dreamed about writing (and paying your rent with it), or are writing now, but maybe not making the money you can, then tune in to this episode to hear practical tips.

These tips and strategies are based on my experience from writing and selling 5 ebooks (that still sell like clockwork and I haven't even released a new one in over 3 years), writing almost 500 articles on this blog and guest posting for multiple dating blogs.

Show Notes

-The simple and easy 3-step method you can use to overcome writer's block
-The one method that most writers overlook and in the process cause their audience NOT to buy their book
-The easiest system to make your book and how to get a MASSIVE profit margin of 95%+
-Why you don't need to write every single day to create an audience and what you should be doing instead
-How to position your book(s) to make them sell like clockwork constantly
-The exact page length of best-selling books and why longer isn't necessarily better
-And much, much more!

Not A Member? Go here to sign-up, just a measly 23 cents per day plus, you can cancel at anytime, no contracts and zero commitments.

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Episode #75: How To Be A Writer Who Actually Makes Money

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Thumbs Up CMQ's Miami: South Beach Data Sheet
Posted by: Christian McQueen - 03-21-2017, 08:39 PM - Forum: Travel - Replies (7)

Alright gents, here's a little breakdown of spots I went to in Miami and my opinions on them.

As always, Miami was packed with tons of hot women, but really, their bodies are insane.

If you like Cuban and Hispanic chicks, then you'll be in heaven.

Fontainebleau Bleu Bar

This open bar (it's in the lobby of Fontainebleau Hotel) is sick. It's a round bar with a blue lit up flooring and it's perfect for people watching.

Average drink here will cost you around $28 not including tip, so if cheap drinks is your thing then avoid.

If you like to see and approach incredible women and love the Rat Pack Vibe (pictures of the Rat Pack all over), then you'll like it.


Big club with 2 levels and technically it's a strip club. Went there early Saturday morning I think it was and there was a MASSIVE amount of people trying to get in.

Took a $300 handshake and cover to jump the line.

Once inside, wasn't impressed. I know this is supposed to be THE spot for afterhours type stuff, but just wasn't impressed.

Would possibly give it a shot again...


LIV is LIV. It's in Fontainebleau and is nice, but it's nothing compared to XS in Vegas.

That's the thing with Vegas clubs. Once you go to them consistently, pretty much all clubs in the world fail to impress.

Still, it's a nice setup for roaming, lots of hot girls.


My favorite out of all the clubs, Story is setup like a reverse pyramid with multiple 'levels' and vip areas.

Crazy line for this one as well, but like LIV just walked in due to the party bus/promoters who hooked us up all weekend.

Ja Rule came on stage at one point in the night, which was a shock. Didn't even know the dude was still alive.

SLS Miami Pool Area

Was there at night to pre-game and really liked it.

High-end, great vibe and perfect for roaming around.


This joint is a silly tourist vibe, but it's kind of fun.

It's not for bottle and models, but the location is nice, right around 14th and Ocean (?) and during the day is a fun place to chill and have a drink. The go-go girls are hot and mostly Hispanic.

Nikki Beach

Really nice club that covers a massive area on the beach. Was there at night Sunday and was tired and ready to go, but it's definitely a place to go when you're in Miami.

I haven't been to Miami in a minute, so overall I'd give it 4/5 Stars as a party city.

Here's my Pros and Cons...


-Great weather

-Gorgeous women

-Cool vibe. If you like to rock a bright blazer with some pale linen pants and have a cigar on Ocean drive at a sidewalk cafe, then you'll love it.


-Expensive as fuck. I'm not a cheap person by any means, but my DAILY spend was around $700-800. Between meals, drinks and cabs it adds up quick.

In some venues it was more expensive then NYC and that was shocking.

I suggest if you're doing a weekend there, then to just plan on a stack per day to be comfortable.

-Ghetto as hell in some areas. There were mobs of Syrian looking mofos riding around on scooters yelling and acting like idiots. If avoiding the riff-raff is your thing, then stick to Fontainebleau, Nikki Beach and other high-end spots.

Other Areas

Was in Wynwood (about 15 minutes from Fontainebleau area) with Goldmund Sunday with his Uncle Tommy and it's dope.

It's similar to Brooklyn, so kind of hipster like, but the girls were much more approachable then BK and it has a really nice chill vibe.

If you're more into chill bars and a laid-back scene, then this is your spot.


There's only I can remember the name of cuz had reservations. I ate at a few different ones on Ocean drive (sidewalk type ones) which were much better, but can't remember their names.

Red Steakhouse


Definitely a spot where the old and rich take their sugar babies, but food was so-so.

I ate oysters and got sick, so eh.


Located in Fontainebleau this is supposed to be a hip cool spot, and physically it IS, but food was meh.

I could be spoiled by NYC food already, but it should have been better than it was.

Pro-Tip: get a menu with prices on it BEFORE you order. Myself and another guy ate at a restaurant on Ocean Drive (looked like a regular spot) on Thursday, he ordered the Surf and Turf and when we got the bill it was $445.00...

For 2 guys.

My meal was only like $30, but his cost $250 which is a rip. Throw in drinks, appetizers and yea...


Overall, Miami is great for experienced playboys with a bankroll.

If a guy's game is bad, or even average, then he's going to struggle.

Just the facts.

When considering where to host the 2nd Playboy Summit I was considering Miami, but we went with NYC and I'm glad I did.

NYC is much easier to meet women for guys wanting help with their game.

Miami is where you go once your game is good.

I definitely will be going more, making it like Vegas was for me when I lived in LA, and with a quickass flight it's convenient and the perfect getaway from the busy NYC lifestyle.

I made some great connects (got a driver on-call now when I land a great young guy who's extremely on-point) from hedge fund types to club hosts, so if you like the mover and shaker world, then you'll love MIA.

Any questions ask em below and I'll be happy to answer.

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  Movie Making / Filmmaker Lounge
Posted by: soup - 03-21-2017, 12:24 PM - Forum: General - Replies (10)

It's easier now than ever before to make a movie. The cost of equipment to make movies is only going to get lower and the quality higher. You can also learn a lot of technical aspects on YouTube for free so need to go to film school (of course nothing beats production experience).

Anyone who is interested in making movies can use this thread to discuss how. These guys made a tutorial on how to make a movie for under $1000

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