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(02-03-2017, 08:01 PM)Christian McQueen Wrote: With V-Day rapidly approaching players want to know what to do:

Read this:

I love when I read an article and see that I nailed something you talk about without consulting your archives first. Doing a weekend getaway with my girl of 18 months next weekend for V-Day. Got a high-rise suite at a hotel in Salt Lake close to some cool restaurants I want to check out, with a killer view to wake up to while I fuck her brains out and work on completing the deep conversion.

Have been in Monk Mode for 2 weeks but needed a break last night.

Bars, clubs, limos, diplomat chick, another one for the books.

You know your stories are great when you can't even write about them on this forum in case certain people find it.

That's literally the level of people I'm dealing with.

Powerful, connected on levels I can't even explain, but crazy shit.

Definitely putting it in my memoir though.
I don't holler at bitches I yodel at 'em.
Your Limitations Are Invalid.
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My trip down to Tucson was a major success. I got what I went down for, made some money, learned some things while hallucinating in the middle of the wild desert, and met tons of girls.

The trip started off right as I was standing on line for the flight out of JFK. Two girls were standing behind me and a group of 10 Hasidic Jews were in front.

I saw one of the girls eyeing me hard, she wasn't being shy about it, so I turned around to her and said quietly "those guys have great style", referring to the Hasidic Jews.

She laughed, but we didn't say anything else.

On the plane I got up to use the toilet and as I passed the girls, the one was giving me the eyes so hard I felt bad for her. I noticed that there was an empty seat next to them and eyed it for a second, almost sat down in it, but I ended up being a normal person and just going to the toilet.

When I settled back into my seat, one of the flight attendents came over and waved to me. She was a big black woman who was extremely friendly and got the plane in a good mood with her fun banter. She said "excuse me honey, are you single?"

I said "thankfully", and she replied "there are two pretty ladies who would like for you to join them, will you?"

"That sounds like fun, sure" and I got up to go sit with the girls.

As I was heading over, I saw that another guy had sat in the seat next to the girls, and when they saw me coming, the girls made him go back to his original seat. The guy scowled at me when I smirked at him and sat down.

"So, I have been summoned by girls on a plane. Now that has never happened before."

They explained to me that the flight attendant had tried to play matchmaker when she invited the guy sitting in front of them to sit with them. That guy was a dork so the girls said "No, but can you go invite the guy with the beard over for us?"

And thats when I was called over.

Another dude had overheard that the girls were inviting guys to sit with them and tried to poach the seat while I was getting ready to come over but ended up going back with his head down when he saw me.

I gotta say, it was a pretty goddamn nice ego boost.

Thats the sort of thing I would only be able to daydream about before learning game and stepping up my style and confidence. I sat with the girls for an hour and chatted about ayahuasca, sex, travel, tripping out in the desert, and other fun topics.

They were both from NYC and we said we would go on a triple date to the strip club I love.

The girls were low 6s, but the fact they wanted me so bad, kept me invigorated.

I took their numbers and told them that I was going to invite them out later.

The plane landed, my buddy picked me up in his Corvette and we sped back to his place to get ready to party.

I texted the girls and they came to meet us at Hotel Congress. They had gotten dressed up since the plane and that moved their low 6 status up a couple of decimal points.

The girls had arrived with another friend and my buddy and I split the group up--I was delighting two of the girls while he was chatting with the girl who had originally gave me eyes on the plane.

They weren't getting along very well, and when the girls all had to leave (waking up early), the girl who had gave me eyes jumped into my arms and we started making out.

I tried to get her to come back to the house, but she kept refusing, saying she had to be up early for an event.

Now it was closing time, the bars close at 2, and we scoured the streets yelling at girls and looking for an after party.

We walked for a while but the girls all had guys with them, and no one knew of an after hours spot.

Called it a night and went home.

The next night we went out again, showed up at the bar around 11, and as soon as I walked in, I saw one of the girls who was from the group last night. She said "wait here, I have to go find Jemma" and ran to go get the friend that had jumped in my arms the night before.

I asked what she was doing and she said she was going back to her hotel.

She was obviously drunk and I told her that I would normally invite myself with her, but she was too wasted. She looked ashamed and stumbled away after I kissed her on the cheek goodbye.

We approached girls and chatted with them until it was getting close to last call and everyone was in Hail Mary mode.

I stepped up to two cute ones and started talking to them. One of them asked "is that your friend?" and pointed to my buddy, then she said "I'm sorry, I don't think you are attractive, I want him." Then I tried with the other girl and she said that she liked my friend too, both of them were fighting over him (he does look just like Captain America and girls love him).

I started yelling at the bitchs and called them rude, but then was happy when my friend was clicking with her and I knew he would fuck one, or both of them.

My buddy took them home, I didn't want to get in the cab with the bitches I was just fighting with, and roamed the streets looking for after parties. No one knew of one and after a bit I walked all the way back to the house.

When I came in the door, the two girls were in the kitchen and my friend was taking his pants off.

I said "whats up?" and went right for one of the girls.

I separated one of the girls in the living room and my friend coming up with the genius move of getting some blankets and making a 'blanket party' by throwing them over us.

Underneath the blanket with the girl I kept telling her I felt like a little kid and was tickling and kissing her while she laughed her head off.

We started fooling around hard and my friend and the other girl thought we had started fucking, so he said "I don't want to hear that, lets go in my room" and took his chick in there.

I rooted her out right on the couch, and then passed out and started snoring.

The girls slipped away after my friend finished banging the other one out.

On the last night, we rolled out around 11 again and approached like machines.

I had some good conversations, but nothing was hooking, there was a stunning Mexican girl who was very much into me, especially after I said "you are beautiful, and I love beautiful things".

But her bitch of a friend would not stop clinging to her arm and let her go.

I wasted a lot of time trying to get that girl away and when last call came, I had nothing again.

I thought my friend had taken a sexy blonde girl home that he had been making out with, but I got a text from him saying that he was with the girls from last night.

I arrived and there were the two sluts from the night before.

We all jumped in a car, went back to the house, and I had filthy sex with the girl I knew I would never see again.

Fucked her face like a madman, fingered her and rubbed her pussy juice all over her hair and face--and then licked it off, 69ed with some ass eating, balls all over her face, threw her around like a ragdoll, and came in her mouth.

In between sessions, I appriciated her body with light kisses and kissed her face and pussy lightly. I pretended to be coy and said "am I kissing you too much? Do I seem needy?" and she said "no, please don't stop".

It was nice, a great last night for a great trip.

My friend was instrumental in getting me laid both times. He was attempting to arrange a threesome with both girls when I burst into the house and stole one away, but was very cool about and we turned it into a running joke. I was dubbed the 'threesome jacker'.
^Wait so that was one of the 2 girls who said "I'm sorry but you're not attractive?" How did you manage to turn her around when you got back to the pad? Was that mentioned at all? I imagine it to be pretty awkward.
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That's why not giving any fucks is awesome. I came in the house not giving a fuck.

Just like we started over.
"Balls all over her face"...

Reads like poetry.
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(02-06-2017, 04:22 AM)Goldmund Wrote: That's why not giving any fucks is awesome. I came in the house not giving a fuck.

Just like we started over.

Reminds me of a time that some Asian girl from Tinder invited me to her house in Astoria, fresh direct. This has happened on at least two occasions with different Asian chicks in Astoria. The idea was that we would smoke and fuck. I take a cab in the middle of the night and show up at her front door. She opens it, takes off my hat and says, in a heavy Asian accent: "You balding. You ugly." Or something like that.

I said something like, "let's smoke."

She let's me in. We smoke on her couch. Then we made a connection over liking similar music, and her tune changed completely (no pun intended). We fucked before her boyfriend or other lover came home. That was a break from crazy long dry spell that I had.

Assuming the sale gets the ass.
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"Super model" gives dating advice. Some good points in here, surprisingly. Most interesting thing she said is that she fell for husband really hard as soon as they met. I've talked here about how 8s and up have feedback loop that makes them think that if they like you you must really be the shit.
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^She said he "picked her up and carried her out of the bar". Sounds incredibly white knight to me.
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